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Speciality Coffee

Cascara | Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara | Coffee Cherry Tea

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Natures Energy Drink 

Cascara comes from the Spanish word cáscara, meaning husk or peel. It refers to the dried skin of coffee plant berries, also called coffee cherries.

The berries each contain two seeds, which we’ve come to recognise as the coffee beans we know and love. Previously, the cascara was considered a waste product of the coffee-making process, but recently people all over the world are beginning to value cascara for its unique taste and antioxidising properties.

You can enjoy coffee husks as a warming herbal tea, often called cherry tea

Brewing instructions
12g of Cascara for 200ml of boiling water, let it brew for around 3 mins

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The Farm

Agua Santa

Certified with Rainforest Alliance and part ofwith the Alta Mogiana Speciality Coffee Producer Association. It has received various prizes proving the quality of its coffees, such as the Coffee Quality Contest of the Alta Mogiana Region.

The Farmer

Paulo Ribeiro Maciel creator of Agua Santa farm is a 2nd generation coffee farmer. To this day Paulo and his lovely wife can be found wondering the expanse of Agua Santa making sure his coffee is the best in the world.


We are the three amigos behind UBA COFFEE, we appreciate the love and care Paulo puts into growing his beans. And in turn we ensure our roasting process extracts as much flavour as possible. The result is an amazing cup of coffee better than your café in the comfort of your own home.

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